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Services & Programs

Workshops, conferences, and retreats are the primary methods of service delivery at the Lion's Den.  The group dynamic provides a sense of community and safety for the individual to delve deeply into the self, alongside others who are also on this meaningful journey of self discovery.

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Featured Workshop

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Seeking Me on Saturday

The "Seeking Me" workshop series is designed to guide each participant, through group discussion, activities, and introspection to a place of deeper intimacy with self.  Each workshop has a theme, or focus, that adds depth to your understanding of self, thereby enriching that relationship.  We have a deep human desire to be fully known and fully loved by others.  But do we give that to ourselves?


At The Lion's Den we offer an array of group based experiences through which you are able to explore the elements of identity, leading to a greater understanding of self and the ability to take control of your journey in life.

Seeking Me on Saturday Workshop

Our workshops offer intimate group experiences that are topic specific.  You will leave each workshop with new skills and insights that you may implement into your daily life immediately!


The Lion's Den conferences are like nothing you've ever experienced!  Imagine being transported to a place free of judgement and full of opportunity for growth and healing.  Well look no further!  Here you'll find therapists and other helping professionals ready to share life changing concepts, skills, and techniques.  Jump in and participate in discussions, activities, and interactive moments with others on the same journey of self understanding!


Some tasks require more time and specialized attention.  At our retreats, you will be able to put a little space between you and your daily responsibilities and devote quality time to attending to yourself.  The Lion's Den retreats are the ultimate self-care experience!

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