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What is the lion's den?

The Lion's Den is the place where lions are born.

That sentence may seem like common useless information, but if we delve just a bit deeper we will find one of life's most important and foundational principle's presented to us on nature's stage as a lesson in identity development.  

When a mother lioness is ready to give birth, she leaves the pride to find a private place to bring her cubs into the world.  She looks for a space that is tucked away from threats and others, and uses it as a temporary haven for herself and her offspring.  This is where the foundation is laid, for life as the apex predator of the wild. 


The mother lioness will remain in the den with her cubs until they have learned what it means to be a lion.  Within the safety of private place, they will learn how to exist within a community; they will discover who they are and what place they occupy within their world; and they will be equipped with the survival skills of the kings and queens of the jungle. 

This is the model upon which The Lion's Den was developed.  Here you will find a space free of judgment, that offers a safe environment, in which you are able to explore and to learn who you are and to determine your place in the world.  You will be offered insights and skills training to equip you for living the life that you desire to live amongst others with shared goals.  Although you may have grown past the cub stage, you can still enter our den.  We will dispel any untruths that you learned about yourself and repair the damage that trauma and negative experiences have caused your self image.  You will replace them with the amazing, authentic image of self that you were meant to have.  

You may emerge from The Lion's Den ready to roar and to live unapologetically free. 


Our Approach

We use the power of the group to create community and immersive experiences that provide opportunity for personal growth and a greater sense of self understanding.

Philosophy of Identity

We are our best selves when we understand who we truly believe ourselves to be; when we are willing and able to present ourselves to the world as that authentic self in all situations and environments; when we have fully accepted that self with flaws as well as positive attributes.  

Commitment to Clients

The Lion's Den is committed to fostering a Judgment Free Zone (JFZ) at all of our offerings.  We strive to present the most usefully transformative material from well trained, experienced professionals available.  Diversity of thought, experience, and perspectives are prioritized as we hope that every individual that embarks upon this journey of self discovery will find the support that they need for the reality in which they exist. 

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